Tuesday, July 28, 2009

10 on Tuesday

My first 10 on Tuesday.  10 wacky, or little known, facts about me...

1.)  I was a flight attendant up until the moment I found out I was pregnant with Jack.

2.) I make sure to update facebook whenever I'm cooking... so my family knows I cook, and that I cook well!  Yes I'm that much of a dork.  You would do the same if they were constantly giving you cookbooks :)

3.) I met my husband (Joel) in high school, and I had that movie moment feeling that I would marry him someday.

4.) I've never lost anyone in my life that was super close to me.  That is a pain I have yet to experience.  And I know it's inevitable.  

5.) I pick Jack's nose.  Not my own, but Jack's- yes. 

6.) I hate doing the dishes.  I'd rather vacuum the whole place than do a single load of dishes.  

7.) I love sushi.  I have yet to find a kind I don't like.  Mmm.... I'm getting hungry just thinking about it. 

8.) I drive a white dodge stratus.  Nothing glamorous.  It's the same car I had in high school too.  No dents and no scratches and still going strong.  Once it breaks down I'm getting a hybrid :)

9.) I have had every hair color known to man and then some.  It's currently dirty blond if you're "dying" to know :) 

10.) I was president of the FFA in high school.  And I did the whole dairy judging (also soil and livestock judging) just like Napoleon Dynamite.

Now your turn! 

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