Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Steps to making my life a little easier...

I've only got so much time to blog today, because the monster will be waking soon! 

Jack & I are heading out today (Joel's at work) and going shopping for a few items to make our life a little easier.

1) Dust Buster
I'm so sick of dragging out the huge vacuum for crumbs.

2.) Stainless Steel Trash Can
 Jack has this new obsession with the kitchen trash and loves to dump it everywhere.  I figured this would solve our problem since it's so heavy and tall. 

3) Flip Video
I've been wanting this for awhile now!  I'm ordering it on amazon because I can't seem to find a better deal anywhere else.  Hopefully it will be here soon :)

Well the Monster is now awake!

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