Saturday, August 15, 2009

Jack's 1st Vacation

So!  We're flying down to see my sister & her family this week.  It will be Jack's first vacation and our first time going somewhere as a family. 

I'm excited and also a little terrified.  Excited because it's a vacation, and terrified because Jack will be a lap child on the plane, because he's the "I need total silence to nap" kind of kid, and because I've never traveled with a baby before!  You would think I would be a pro since I use to be a flight attendant, but I am still anxious.

So we leave Wednesday morning, which means I have only have Tuesday to pack because tomorrow my mom is throwing me a birthday party (yes a birthday party, she loves me, lol) and then Monday Joel is taking me out for my birthday since he had to work on my real b-day. 

So today I went on a shopping spree to make sure we'll be comfortable and hopefully happy on this trip and I want to make it as stress free as possible!

Here are the items that are going to make that happen:

chocolate kids deluxe umbrella stroller 
(we currently only have a big bulky one that would need to be gate checked)
This Chicco Caddy Hook On Chair
(because there's no way I'm trying to feed an almost 11 month old in a stroller)
And this for the carseat 
(So it doesn't get all dirty if it has to be gate checked.  
I'm hoping for a free seat next to us but if not we'll have to gate check it.  
By the way they only sell a solid black style in stores)

My sister has a packnplay so that's one less thing I will need to bring!  We're also going to the ocean!  YAY!  Another first for Jack.  Okay I'm starting to be more excited than nervous :) 

(all items from babiesRus)


  1. You'll do great on your vacat!
    I have a canon rebel xt :)
    I emailed you the actions ;)
    and thanks for all the compliments...Your going to give me a big head! lol

  2. P.s. I live by the ocean so I''m like eh ocean, just like you have snow and I don't so im like SNOW and your probably like eh snow lol.
    You will have fun!!!

  3. LOL... yeah I hate snow. It's scary to drive on. Joel loves it. I loveeee the ocean. And the rebel is an awesome camera, some of my photos on my website were taken with a rebel :) And that's actually the camera I'm trying to buy now. It's cheaper, but a great camera!


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