Friday, January 29, 2010

Meal Planning

This week's dinner meals:
-whole wheat spaghetti & homemade meatballs + salad (bought enough supplies for two dinner nights)
-Cheese Quiche (crap I just realized I forgot to buy the spinach! ugh.)
-BBQ Chicken Pizza + salad (somehow I also forgot to buy the crust... wtf, I'm off tonight, lol)
-Turkey Burgers, whole wheat buns & zucchini sticks (bought enough ground turkey for two dinner nights)
-Chicken tenders, homemade honeymustard & salad
-Stuffed Banana French Toast (I have a lot of bananas that I didn't use this week for this recipe!)

So altogether with lunch supplies, extras, and snacks for us and Jack, and also ziplock freezer bags the total came to $76.95. Which isn't too bad since I'm trying to stay around $70 a week, I bought a few things in bulk so hopefully future purchases will be a little smaller and help me round out the total at the end of the month. Also a few of these dinners will be rather large and there will be leftovers, so it may stretch this week a little farther than normal.

Yay for budgeting! :)

Thursday, January 28, 2010


::big sigh::

I can't believe this is me.

Obviously, pre-Jack days, me.

Have you ever heard that song "Sunscreen"... you know the one, wrote for the class of '99? There's a phrase that rings true for me and it goes a little something like this,

"Enjoy the power and beauty of your youth; oh nevermind; you will not
understand the power and beauty of your youth until they have faded.
But trust me, in 20 years you’ll look back at photos of yourself and
recall in a way you can’t grasp now how much possibility lay before
you and how fabulous you really looked….You’re not as fat as you imagine."

Someone tell me why this girl thought she was too fat to wear a two piece?


To be 18 again!

Thankful Four:
-Still waiting on Baby Brayden to make his appearance...
maybe he's holding off until Saturday so Aunt Olivia can make it to the hospital without having to find a sitter! LOL
-Joel got off early today, woot woot.
-Got some kickass photos of Jack today, notice the new header? :)

Jack Aiden

Monday, January 25, 2010


lol, I love my boys...

Update about Gavin

It gives me the chills to let everyone know he gets to go home tomorrow :)

Thanks for the prayers and well wishes.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Meal Planning

My budget was $70, and I ended up spending $74... not too bad considering I threw in a pair of snow boots for Jack that I had not planned on buying.

This weeks meal plan:

Turkey Cutlets with Parmesan Crust + baked sweet potatoes
Whole Wheat French Toast + Turkey Bacon
Homemade Chicken Tenders + sweet peas/Salad
Whole Wheat Chicken Fettucini Alfredo + Salad
Low Fat, Low Sodium Broccoli & Cheese Soup + Salad

Deserts: Homemade Lemon Mousse w/raspberries on top/ Cook & serve Chocolate & Vanilla Pudding

Aside from the dinner menu, the extras for lunches and other meals: 2 boxes Whole Wheat Mac & Cheese for lunches, Whole Wheat Bread, 4 Gallons of milk, Apple Juice, Orange Juice, zucchini, bananas, shredded cheese, eggs, granny smith apples, honey graham crackers, yogurt melts, 3 whole chicken breasts... and children's motrin (Which isn't food, but it was part of the budget) 2% american single cheese slices.

Thankful Three:
I went out to dinner with my two favorite boys tonight and had a blast :)
Today is my sister's DUE DATE! Baby Brayden will be here soon and I'm so EXCITED!
And I'm also excited because my oldest sister will be flying in on the 4th to spend some time with us and to also meet baby Brayden.

Friday, January 22, 2010


When you help someone, when you give... it builds your spirit and heart. It's indescribable.

I'm really fortunate my family has raised me in a family that desires to give, and one thing I was taught was that you should always give more than you receive. And that when you give, it will always come back around.

I really hope I instill the same values in Jack, that my parents instilled in me. I honestly do not mind what he does when he grows up as long as he has a good heart, and he's an honest man. Your word, and your heart... that's what makes a great person.

My mom always had that "we can save the word" mentality... and although at times it wasn't realistic, it was genuine and she really cared for people... and I learned from her that you can help, even if it is small.

Think you can't help? You don't have the means? Well you can, you really can.


Helping doesn't mean donating hundreds of dollars or even money necessarily, you can help those around you and across the globe in many ways.

-Give $5, $10... whatever it is you CAN give. Every little bit adds up.
-Donate clothing
-Donate non-perishable food items
-Your TIME

Helping is a really wide spread thing, there are many different ways. And I think it's important to strive to help others, to seek out to help those you can. And I think it's equally important to involve your children in the process.

I believe we have a responsibility to help those who cannot help themselves.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

fighting back the tears...

I've read several blogs of parents who's child is battling an illness, but I've never experienced this within my own family. It's never been on that real personal level... it hits you hard. Real hard.

A family friend I grew up with, her son, Gavin, who's currently three... has battled and beat cancer, and received a liver transplant in the process. He's a healthy boy now, and his liver transplant anniversary is coming up, Feb. 24th to be exact. His mother called me early Monday morning to ask about photos... it went straight to voicemail though, I was busy that day and was going to call back when I got a chance. She always has photos done around his transplant anniversary and she sends them to the donor's family & her family & friends. But before I got a chance to call back, things changed...

She and Gavin are currently at the Children's hospital in Cinny.

I found out from my mother where they were, and I have not called... I know they probably have enough family & friends calling and asking how they are doing. She posted on her facebook a link to her journal for people to read about how Gavin's doing. I've never read it before today, my mother mentioned it once before... She said she's read it and it really gives you a look into Rachel's mind and heart. My mother encouraged Rachel's mother to read it herself but she said it's too hard.

Well, I read it tonight for the first time and I had to fight back the tears... we're pulling for them, praying for them and thinking of them. I grew up with Rachel, and her siblings... her mother is like an Aunt to me, they've been there for me always....

I wanted to write about Gavin and his mother Rachel because I wanted to ask if you'd say a prayer for Gavin...

They're awesome people, and I hope things start to look up soon.

You should really meet Gavin & Rachel.

Thankful Three:
-I'm thankful that Jack is a healthy baby boy, because after hearing about Gavin... it makes you realize just how much you really take for granted.
-For my new friend Jessica. She's a cool mom who lives above me and I've been looking for new friendship and someone to hang out with. I was really having a hard time meeting people in London.
-And I'm thankful for Joel, because I swear no one can make me laugh like he does... he had me cracking up today before he left for work.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

what I've been up to...

work work and more work.

But it doesn't feel like work :)

(Here's a few sneak peeks of a client's book I've been working on.)

Thankful Three:
-That I got to sleep in today, thank you Joel!
-Although it was messy, it was funny and cute when Jack got marshmallows in his hair.
-When Jack was having a rough time falling asleep for his afternoon nap, I went in & read him a book in the softest voice I have. I felt like it really made him relax... he even exhaled. I felt like I had that "mother's touch" in that moment and he went right to bed afterwards. :)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Snow Day!!!

Okay snow days are not that fun anymore... it means we're stuck at home, which means cabin fever. Soooo today I made sure to dig us out and head to walmart, which is the only store within safe distance really.... I went to walmart with Jack, and my neighbor Jess who lives above me with her baby girl, Emma. Hey, it kept us sane and I needed to go grocery shopping :)

And in honor of the snow day... lol.

Joel took this of me the day it was below zero. I have no shame. We call this the turtle hat.

Oh and my thankful three...

I'm thankful that we got to escape today and I got to spend time with my new friend Jess, and that I got a lot of dishes done, lol. And I'm thankful for a nice warm home, it's been so cold lately, sometimes we forget how lucky we truly are.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

54 years young

My thankful three for the day...

I'm thankful that me and Jack got to visit my dad today. We took him a cake for his birthday and stayed for supper.

This morning, Jack climbed up in his rocking chair in his room with a book... and pretended to read it to himself... upside down :) It made me smile. It was so sweet. I was folding clothes and putting them in his closet and took a break to sit with him and read it.

And this evening I really started to miss Joel. But I like that feeling... because it makes me excited when he walks in the door. I just want to be around him, snuggle with him :)

Monday, January 4, 2010

Many Blessings

One of my New Years resolutions was to be a more positive person. One way I'm going to do that is by writing at least three things everyday I am thankful for.

(Well maybe not everyday... when I get around to it, I'm trying to be more flexible remember? I hate when something fun becomes a chore!)

They can be a task I accomplished, something that made me smile or something that I just realized how much I love in my life.

I had many blessings today... Joel let me sleep in, me and Jack shared a really sweet bedtime routine (bath, bottle and two books) and of course he soaked me during bath time by splashing like crazy. And I'm getting caught up on my reading tonight (I'm behind 3 chapters).

I can't believe how long that took me to think about & come up with... I think this will be good for me. It makes me search for the good in everyday :)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

"Don't worry... about a thing"

"Cause every little things...gonna be alright."

"You have it easily in your power to increase the sum total of this world's happiness now. How? By giving a few words of sincere appreciation to someone who is lonely or discouraged. Perhaps you will forget tomorrow the kind words you say today, but the recipient may cherish them over a lifetime." -Dale Carnegie

Me and Joel participated in the "Give Anissa a Hand" project. It's for a mother of three who is in a very difficult position in her life. She's got a lot to fight for and her husband reached out online and asked for people to help him encourage her because he can't do it alone. I don't know Anissa personally, but I read her blog and thought a single kind word to a stranger can be just as powerful, so I asked Joel to join in and we photographed our hands together. I read that once during a bad day, her little boy started to sing the song "Three Little Birds" and through her tears she joined in... I felt like that song probably meant a lot to her so that's what we chose for our message.

Today the final project was posted, and I was really happy to see our message was something that hit so close to home.

Give Anissa a Hand from davezwife on Vimeo.

You should really meet Anissa.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Meal Planning Ideas

Master List for Meal Planning

whole wheat, cucumber & cream cheese sammies

Main Course:
pork chops
homemade pizza
French Toast casserole
whole wheat fettuccini alfredo & veggies (or chicken)
baked BBQ chicken
baked teriyaki chicken
chicken and dumplings
chicken pot pie
grandma Geuy's chili
mexican casserole
pot roast & veggies in the crock pot
bbq pulled pork sandwiches in the crock pot
stir fry
light broccoli cheese soup
breakfast casserole
healthy homemade chicken tenders

deviled eggs
baked potato
baked sweet potato
mashed potatoes
cheesy potatoes
green bean casserole
cheese ball & crackers (catalina/onion)
baked sweet potato
steak fries
chips & salsa
Guacamole & chips


green beans
sweet peas

breakfast bars

...not everything is listed, this will be updated constantly, but hopefully over time this will actually become my master list...

Happy New Year B!tches!

Maybe one of my resolutions should be to stop cursing... hmm

So I quietly rang in the New Year with the hubby. We went to bed about five minutes before the ball dropped. ha I guess for the next few years we'll be having a rather quiet NYE since little Jack. I don't mind, we were never big on NYE anyways.

I decided to list my New Years Resolutions... so in no particular order, here they are:

1) Making health a large priority in my life. It's always taken the back seat, and I think it's time to make it a habit, not only for myself, but for Jack. He needs two healthy parents and he needs good examples. My first step in making this happen is by joining a gym by the end of January.

2) Visit more people. I want to spend at least one day a week visiting my grandparents, Joel's Uncle Bever who is currently in a home, or just reaching out to a friend I haven't seen in awhile. I'm kind of bad at this. I'm a big homebody and just need to be a little more social and put myself out there.

3) Take more time for US.

4) Simplify. And by simplify I mean my home, and also the promises I make to people.

5) Be a more happy and positive person. I struggle with this. I think just growing up around so much negativity that it sometimes consumes me. Attitude wasn't a big thing growing up and I'd like to be able to control mine a little better!

6) Give most of my time and energy to those who deserve it. I'm talking about not wasting time on someone who wouldn't even consider doing the same for me. There are so many people who are always there for me and would do anything for me and I feel like I should be giving back just as much to them and not wasting time on those who don't matter.

7) Do something crazy and fun :) I have no idea what, ideas are welcome! haha

8) Being the best mom I can be. I'd like to have one day a week devoted to Jack. Like a special trip somewhere for just us to bond and have a good time. Nothing too deep, just something like Chuck E Cheese, the park or Bounce World... something fun and memorable. I want him to just enjoy being a kid. A lot of days are filled with errands, trips to the grocery store, etc. and that's totally normal but I want him to have a fun day too.

9) Continue to pay off old debt. We're almost debt free... it's taking a little longer than anticipated, but we're doing a great job putting the extra money where it belongs.

10) Remember that goals are just goals, and not following them to a "T" won't make me a failure but flexible :) So I guess that's my last resolution, to be more flexible.

11) OH! I forgot two! Read more & take more time for meee :)
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