Thursday, January 21, 2010

fighting back the tears...

I've read several blogs of parents who's child is battling an illness, but I've never experienced this within my own family. It's never been on that real personal level... it hits you hard. Real hard.

A family friend I grew up with, her son, Gavin, who's currently three... has battled and beat cancer, and received a liver transplant in the process. He's a healthy boy now, and his liver transplant anniversary is coming up, Feb. 24th to be exact. His mother called me early Monday morning to ask about photos... it went straight to voicemail though, I was busy that day and was going to call back when I got a chance. She always has photos done around his transplant anniversary and she sends them to the donor's family & her family & friends. But before I got a chance to call back, things changed...

She and Gavin are currently at the Children's hospital in Cinny.

I found out from my mother where they were, and I have not called... I know they probably have enough family & friends calling and asking how they are doing. She posted on her facebook a link to her journal for people to read about how Gavin's doing. I've never read it before today, my mother mentioned it once before... She said she's read it and it really gives you a look into Rachel's mind and heart. My mother encouraged Rachel's mother to read it herself but she said it's too hard.

Well, I read it tonight for the first time and I had to fight back the tears... we're pulling for them, praying for them and thinking of them. I grew up with Rachel, and her siblings... her mother is like an Aunt to me, they've been there for me always....

I wanted to write about Gavin and his mother Rachel because I wanted to ask if you'd say a prayer for Gavin...

They're awesome people, and I hope things start to look up soon.

You should really meet Gavin & Rachel.

Thankful Three:
-I'm thankful that Jack is a healthy baby boy, because after hearing about Gavin... it makes you realize just how much you really take for granted.
-For my new friend Jessica. She's a cool mom who lives above me and I've been looking for new friendship and someone to hang out with. I was really having a hard time meeting people in London.
-And I'm thankful for Joel, because I swear no one can make me laugh like he does... he had me cracking up today before he left for work.

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  1. I hope Gavin is okay sending prayers their way. P.s. Add me on facebook


"Perhaps you will forget tomorrow the kind words you say today, but the recipient may cherish them over a lifetime." -Dale Carnegie

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