Friday, January 29, 2010

Meal Planning

This week's dinner meals:
-whole wheat spaghetti & homemade meatballs + salad (bought enough supplies for two dinner nights)
-Cheese Quiche (crap I just realized I forgot to buy the spinach! ugh.)
-BBQ Chicken Pizza + salad (somehow I also forgot to buy the crust... wtf, I'm off tonight, lol)
-Turkey Burgers, whole wheat buns & zucchini sticks (bought enough ground turkey for two dinner nights)
-Chicken tenders, homemade honeymustard & salad
-Stuffed Banana French Toast (I have a lot of bananas that I didn't use this week for this recipe!)

So altogether with lunch supplies, extras, and snacks for us and Jack, and also ziplock freezer bags the total came to $76.95. Which isn't too bad since I'm trying to stay around $70 a week, I bought a few things in bulk so hopefully future purchases will be a little smaller and help me round out the total at the end of the month. Also a few of these dinners will be rather large and there will be leftovers, so it may stretch this week a little farther than normal.

Yay for budgeting! :)

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