Friday, February 5, 2010

Meal Planning for 2/5- 2/12

$53.68 total

red seedless grapes
3 gallons whole milk
1 gallon 1%
2-whole wheat boxed mac & cheese
red onion
mozz. cheese
apple juice
apple slices
whole wheat pasta
2-fettuccini sauce
blueberry waffles
whole wheat bread
turkey lunch meat
pumpkin muffin mix
semi sweet choco. chips

Our Meal Plan this week:
(I had many items/meals left over from last week so that's why it was much cheaper this week.)
Whole wheat fettuccine alfredo with chicken (enough for two different meals)
Homemade chicken tenders & sweet potatoes
BBQ Chicken Pizza & salad (never made last week)
Turkey burgers on wheat buns & zucchini sticks

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