Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Results & more waiting...

Test results came back and it was negative. I was having abnormal bleeding... they were worried I was having a miscarriage, or that I was currently pregnant. Turns out it was neither. Which is a relief. My blood pressure was caught by my midwife during my appointment to check out what was going on with me.

Yesterday I had a doctors appointment about the high blood pressure, I was put on BP medication and also since I'm so young, they did an EKG, ordered a few more blood tests, a urine test to check for protein and I'm also going in for an MRI next Friday. He seems to think this high BP is just a symptom of something else...

So more waiting and more results.

I haven't weighted myself in awhile so I did this morning, I'm down 7lbs! Which is great :) Who knows, maybe I just have crappy genes (my mother, father & older brother have high blood pressure) and this high blood pressure just needs to go down the natural way, by eating right, watching my sodium intake and losing some weight! I also just learned yesterday an old high school friend has high blood pressure like me and she's in the navy! So maybe it's not that uncommon for someone my age.

Thanks for the well wishes and thoughts! It really means a lot to me.

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  1. Glad its nothing serious. I mean high bp is nothing to play around with but I'm glad everything else is okay :)


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