Friday, June 3, 2011

summer bucket list

Our Summer Bucket List 
Why a summer bucket list?  

Why not?


play in sprinkler
go swimming
draw with sidewalk chalk
blow enormous bubbles 
make home-made ice cream
go for a walk
go for a bike ride
visit Yellow Springs (a unique and fun town) 
watch clouds
go camping
swimming lessons for Jack
have a picnic
eat watermelon
have a cookout
go to Young’s Jersey Dairy (it’s a place where kids can pet farm animals, play on tractors, get ice cream, etc.) 
pick strawberries (made jam instead)
watch fireworks
go to a drive-in movie
go to Marmon Valley Farms (you ride horses there) 
grow a garden





  1. Nic and I make a summer bucket list every year! ... although we usually don't make it through the whole thing, I like the idea of it :)

    and.....Yellow Springs is a must!!

  2. It was a fun list Audrey, my first summer bucket list... going to a drive in movie this Friday :)


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