Sunday, July 17, 2011

follow-up post to "true love"

That whole post just got me thinking... 
What can I do to make my own marriage more solid?
I want Joel to feel special.  I want him to feel loved and cared for.

So here are my own marriage resolutions:

1.)  Joel can't cook.  I can.  Cook for him whenever possible and try to pack his lunch for him everyday.

2.) He loves when I rub the back of his head and neck while he drives, I should try to do that on every trip where he drives.  I know it relaxes him and makes him feel loved.  Plus I hate to drive so maybe this will also benefit me. haha, wait that's selfish right?

3.)  Leave small, embarrassing notes for him.  I once left a note in his lunch, and he's searched before entering work (prison guard) and they found his little love note.  The girls "awwwed" him and I know he relished in the attention.  I should leave them on the mirrors at home and in his truck.  Who doesn't love a good sincere love note?

4.) Touch him more.  Joel's love language is touch.  He's a total cuddle bear.  Me- I'm totally not!  Go figure.  
He loves hugs, kisses, snuggles, etc.  I should really try to be more snuggly.  Not to mention one of our "things" is we dance, right there- barefoot in the kitchen, and Joel usually hums.  I love it, and I know he does too.  Sometimes Jack tries to join us :)

5.) Buy him small gifts.  This one is easy, a bottle of Coke would make Joel's day, haha.  So when I'm out, I'm going to try to be more mindful in picking up something small for him just to say I was thinking of him.  (ps. remember to get dessert when out with the girls to bring home for Joel = Cheesecake Factory!)

6.) Get more sleep.  So I'm less grouchy!

7.) Be mindful of myself.  I've started the couch to 5k program, and been trying to eat healthy.  But I know, I know appearance shouldn't mean anything- but when you feel good about yourself, which doing these things does for me, it helps me to think less about myself and more about those I love.

8.) Date Night. Three words- MAKE IT HAPPEN!  At least once a month, it's a total relationship saver.  Our good friends Amber and Craig advised us of this after Jack was born, they are very wise!  (And happily married in FL. right now.  Love you guys!) 

9.) Keep the bedroom clean!  The love shack should not look like a shack!  

10.) Cook him red meat.  What can I say?  I make a lot of chicken and turkey.  Joel is a total guy and craves his red meat, I guess I could do it once a week to make him happy right?  This is going to be a total struggle for me I know, haha.  I hate red meat!  Maybe we'll say every two weeks?  That's good still, right?

So there it is, my small resolutions I hope to keep up with to help Joel feel loved.  Did I gross everyone out? haha... "ewww mushy love stuff"

What do you do to make your spouse or girl/boyfriend feel loved?


  1. I am all about the little things. I leave notes on the bathroom mirror. When I go shopping, I always bring him somethine sweet, cause he has an insatiable sweet tooth. I surprise him and take him breakfast and leave it in his car while he's at work. He always takes his lunch there. I also try to always look good when we go out. Guys are so visual and I want him to be proud to have me on his arm. He absolutely loves skirts and I hate them, so I wear them just for him. He also likes dirty texts! haha
    Those are the things that let them know you care. You definitely have the right ideas! I have been with Brandon for 11 years and even though our relationship has changed because we have grown up together, I am still madly in love. I believe in "soul mates" even though its corny. I think God brings people into our life for a reason!

  2. it is so truly is the little things in life.
    i agree with you 100% on date night. whether it be a quiet dinner at home or a night out on the town, it does wonders for the soul of a relationship.
    i liked what you said about red meat and picking him up a little something just to say you were thinking of him. i can totally relate...if i had a steak cooking and picked up a bottle of my husband's favorite bev, he'd be on cloud 9 :)
    i have found that through all the bs the past few years, we love with more passion...even if it is pure anger and tears, our emotions have awakened and shown us that in the end, love is all we have and love is all we need.
    thank you so much for your sweet comment earlier. i definitely can see we have a lot in common! steve doesn't love me running at night either but if i beg and promise to go in my grandmother's lit neighborhood or with a partner, he's ok.
    and no worries, i love the mushy love stuff at times too :)
    wishing you a happy week filled with all the little things that make up one big great feeling <3 maria

  3. love this---> "wishing you a happy week filled with all the little things that make up one big great feeling"

    Right back at you Maria! :)

    Ps. I cannot win the battle to run at night, no street lights in the boondocks, you are lucky! lol

  4. Thank you so much!! :)
    Hahaha too bad we don't live closer so we could hit the streets together ;)


"Perhaps you will forget tomorrow the kind words you say today, but the recipient may cherish them over a lifetime." -Dale Carnegie

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