Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Meal Planning

     Here's a list of our homemade meals and homemade snacks this week, because meal planning saves me a ton of money, time, energy and it's way healthier.  

     I love to cook and try new recipes so there are a ton of new things on the list this week.  I'm also going to start trying some homemade smoothies for breakfast, they're suppose to be delicious and super healthy and even have hidden veggies in them (covered up by the taste of fruit).  

Here's hoping my pick-eater will like them.  And if you're wondering, no it's not Jack, my picky eater is Joel ;) 

chicken fajitas w/ whole wheat tortillas & homemade guacamole 
turkey taco lettuce wraps w/homemade salsa & chips 


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