Tuesday, July 12, 2011

mom's famous strawberry jam recipe

Growing up one of the best parts of the summer was the sweet smell of my Mom making strawberry jam.

I loved it, and if we were lucky Mom would give us a warm spoon full to eat.  
It's one of those traditions that sticks with you... 

My Mom still makes strawberry jam in the summer, but now she makes a special trip to my house and we make it together.  She came a few weeks ago and we made a small batch, but it was soon gone so I decided to make another HUGE batch to hopefully last us into the Winter and hopefully next Spring. 

So here it is... Mom's easy, and famous strawberry jam!

Makes about 13 cups

You'll need:
-6 pt. strawberries (roughly 8 plastic packages from the store)
-5lb bag of sugar
-4 boxes of Sure Jell
(Sure Jell can be found in the baking section and also in the canning section, 
usually in the canning section they sell them grouped together for less)
-Canning Jars with sealing lids
(make sure you buy the kind that have the two piece lids)

1) Put glass jars in dishwasher and put on the steam dry.

2) Place lids and seals in small pot of boiling water.

3) Crush strawberries in baking pan (roughly 10 at a time) with a potato masher and place in large saucepan.

4) Stir crushed strawberries and all four boxes of Sure Jell in saucepan over high heat and bring to full rolling boil stirring constantly.

5) Pour in sugar.  Bring mixture back to rolling boil while stirring constantly.  Boil exactly 1 minute. 

6) Remove from heat and ladle quickly (a funnel works great!) into prepared jars, filling to within 1/8 inch of tops.  Wipe jar rims.  Cover with two-piece lids.  Screw bands tightly and place upside-down on a towel on the counter. *Be sure to remove one jar at a time from dishwasher, and one lid and rim at a time to keep them hot so they will seal.  Use a towel and tongs to help handle the hot jars and lids.*

7) Flip jars right side up once finished.

The Large batch I made... mm mmm mmmm

What are your summer traditions in the kitchen?

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