Sunday, July 29, 2012

35 weeks

     35 weeks and feeling great!  I'm even going to get a little crazy and throw a garage sale next weekend :)~  I've been having dreams that I have a quick and easy 15 minute birth... but let's hope it doesn't come true, the hospital we chose is an hour away!  And yesterday in the car, Jack was reading to himself and the story was about "Jude Maximus." :)  

     My gestational diabetes is still under control by diet alone, but has become even more restrictive.  The farther along you are, the more stress is put on your body and the diabetes becomes a bit harder to control.  So that's where we are- and I've made the necessary changes.  It's so odd how even though I stay below my carb allowance, my body can barely tolerate bread and I have to eat my carbs in fruit/milk.  I feel hungry a lot, and I'm a bit more crabby, but my energy is through the roof and I'm sleeping great.  I also weigh less now, than before I was pregnant.  It's crazy, but I was told it's okay and normal.  For awhile it felt like I was going in reverse, but now I can tell my baby belly is growing again.  And I have this nagging feeling I may have had diabetes before this pregnancy, I cannot stress enough how different and great I feel since changing my diet, so I'm kind of preparing myself mentally that this may not go away after birth. 

     I'll be honest and admit I slipped up once this past week. I had a rough day, missed lunch because of circumstances out of my control, and didn't get a chance to eat until 5pm (when my willpower was low and I was starving).  I went through McDonalds drive through and got myself a small caramel frapp.  And it was so not worth it.  I felt awful, and my blood sugar didn't go back to normal until four hours later.  Lesson learned.  I also realized the way I felt afterwards matched how I felt during most of the beginning of this pregnancy before being diagnosed.  It also opened my eyes to how just a simple frapp packs so much sugar/carbs... holy cow those are horrible for you!  I am looking forward to the day I can treat myself occasionally, I view food so differently these days.  Eating is like taking a shower now, a chore... well never-mind, a hot shower is pretty amazing these days!  I guess it's more like doing dishes.

     I have a to-do list that is a mile long, but I'm not stressed over it.  All my work for the business is caught up and I can finally assume "maternity leave" status soon.  I feel like within the next week a lot should get accomplished.  We stocked up on plastic cups and paper plates for the first two weeks, I bought all the ingredients for our cloth diaper detergent yesterday, I have to prep our diapers (that's when you wash them a few times to increase their absorbency), get Jude's room organized, pack my hospital bag and then of course get stuff ready to go for the garage sale... oh and order the last of my client's products and get them shipped out (which will be done tonight! woo!). 

     I feel good, really good. <--- and I never thought I'd say those words while pregnant.  I am anything but a "pregnancy unicorn."  
I feel ready... and I'm pretty excited :) 

Okay guys... I'm off to shower and get ready for my date night with Joel.  We're seeing the new batman movie :) 

All my "bump" shots throughout this pregnancy.


  1. i love the bump collage. you are beautiful, olivia. i'm so excited for're almost there!! don't beat yourself up over the frap.
    i hope you had a wonderful date night and enjoyed the movie! i want to surprise steve and go and see it. he has been talking about it.
    happy august, my friend. <3


"Perhaps you will forget tomorrow the kind words you say today, but the recipient may cherish them over a lifetime." -Dale Carnegie

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