Sunday, July 22, 2012

An update, our cloth diapers and more...

I'm 34 weeks pregnant.  I had Jack at 37 weeks.  That's less than three weeks away.... crazyyy.

I'm feeling a bit more prepared and have actually purchased our cloth diapers, a new sit and stand stroller for the boys, and a new carseat.  I haven't touched the baby's room and I'm not sure I'm going to tackle that before he comes... I just don't feel the urgency.  I'm going to keep it pretty simple anyways.  That's the theme we're going for these days.  

So, I promised I'd fill you in on our cloth diaper stash... 

Here it is... TA DA! 

I decided to go with the Flip diapers system, which is made by the same people (Cotton Babies) who also make the leading Bum Genius cloth diapers. 

I did a ridiculous amount of research, and a million reviews and decided this diapering system is best for us because of the price, style, trimness, ease and the fact that I have chunky babies.  I also wanted a diaper that would grow with us, so basically... this is it until Jude starts potty training.

Here's our stash:
12 Flip Diaper Covers 
36 Stay-Dry Inserts (I didn't include all the inserts in this photo, only four are actually pictured above)
3 Small Hemp Babies Diaper Doublers (for extra over-night protection if he's a heavy wetter)
1 medium Planet Wise Wetbag (for the diaper bag so we can use cloth on the go, it's waterproof)
1 Bum Genius Diaper Sprayer
1 Tube of Grandma El's Diaper Rash Remedy & Prevention (You cannot use regular diaper rash cream with cloth)
1 Elite FuzziBunz Diaper (It was free because of the amount of money I spent)

Total Amount spent for cloth diapering: $322.21

(I did massive research and found a lot of great offers for "buy 1, get one free" free shipping and a percentage off my orders.  I bought everything from and 

Obviously I may need to purchase more diaper rash cream in the future, but that's basically it.  Oh, and my cloth diapering friend said I NEED a diaper pale liner, so that's next on my list of things to get, it's around $16 and I'll probably buy two (if one is in the wash, one can still be in use). 

So, if you're still a bit confused on cloth diapers... here's our system spelled out for you.  

1. Grab a Diaper Cover
2. Place the Stay Dry Insert Inside
3. Snap on Baby 
4. After baby "goes" remove dirty insert and place in diaper pale (or spray first if needed)
5. REUSE cover if not soiled and place new Stay Dry Insert inside (they say 1 diaper cover should last through 3 inserts/changes)

And here's our diapers with all the fancy labels... 

Here is an image showing how they will grow with baby over the years... 

Here is an image showing you the "shell" or diaper cover...

And here is the insert explained...

Here are some photos I snapped of the shell & insert so you can see inside of the diaper... 

That's basically it.  The amount of diapers we bought should last us up to three days before we have to do laundry, but I plan on washing every other day.  

The wash routine goes like this:
Take your diaper pale liner that's full and dump everything into the washing machine, turn the liner inside out and throw in with the diapers:
1 wash cold 
1 wash hot, extra rinse

You should line dry covers, and throw inserts into the dryer.  You can bleach the inserts once a month, and sun them to help get rid of stains.

You also need special laundry detergent because using "soap" and other enzymes will cause build-up in your diapers which results in "barnyard smell" or ammonia stink, and then you have to "strip" your diapers... which means a lot of extra washing and rinsing to get them back to normal.  *We use calgon and Tide original.  I've stripped twice so far. 

So I think that's it for the cloth diapers explained :)  Hopefully it wasn't too confusing.  There is a lot to know about cloth diapers! 

Some images in this post are from Flip's Website, found HERE. 


  1. Yay for cloth diapers! Thanks for posting the pictures of the Flips, I've never seen what they look like on the inside, I use pockets and AIOs. Good luck, hope everything works out for you guys :)

    1. Yay! Someone else who uses cloth, I swear it is becoming so much more mainstream :) Not here exactly, lol... but it's catching on.

  2. Olivia- I thought I would share since we too are using cloth. This is long, but I wanted to give you our experience.

    We went with Bumgenius AOI Elementals. They have worked well and are super easy!

    We have not had any leakage issues. Well, 1, but that was probably my fault when putting on half asleep! :)

    I have the sprayer, but so far we have not needed as baby poo just soaks in.

    I have 2 Planetwise wetbags. I use 1 each day and wash all together every other night. I think I would rather have wet/dry bags so that you could put both clean and dirty into the same bag. Currently I carry a diaper bag with a wet bag in it. I do not use diaper pails, I just use the wetbag at home as well.

    I recently purchased Grandma Els diaper rash cream but I did ae desitin on the recent rash. I just used a baby wash cloth over it so that it did not touch the diaper.

    I also make my own wipes. I purchased a TON of baby wash cloths and fold them over once and put into a wipes container. (thin cheap ones work best)

    My wipe solution is:
    1c- water, 1tb- baby oil, 1tb- baby lavender wash, 1tb- baby lavender lotion.

    You can throw these right in the bags with dirty diapers and right into the wash! Super easy!

    Everyone who has been aroun for a diaper change has had some hesitation, but using cloth was not any harder than a disposable! (maybe easier bc you don't need to find a trash can!)

    The sun is also the best thing in the world! It gets te stains out completely!

    1. Thanks for sharing April, I knew you used cloth because I had seen a few photos of your littlest in cloth diapers on facebook :)

      I was looking at the big wet bags for home but hadn't heard much about them vs. a diaper pale. I will check into that for sure, and thanks for the wipe solution recipe, my friend actually made me some cloth wipes so I'm good to go!

  3. awesome and adorable stash of cloth diapers! they are so cute, and what a great price for EVERTHING you got!
    thank you so much for your support and well wishes, olivia!!!
    i hope you are doing well.
    i'm off to catch up on your next post.
    maria <3

  4. I'm not pregnant yet, but my mom recently asked if I was going to do cloth diapers when we have kids and I'm still not sure. She did for us and I remember it but I'm sure it's not so easy. Good for you for doing it. You make me feel like it's possible.

  5. one of your newest followers. Found you from Maria's blog. Love the fluffy stash. I wish I could convince DH to cloth diaper with our next baby, but he is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO against it. And since I don't want to take care of the diapering/laundry by myself, I guess it will always be a pipe dream.

    Check my blog out if you get a chance.

    A Joyful Life

  6. I love the flips! I as well, took a chance and ordered the majority of my stash flips and just a couple 4.0's. Boy am I glad b/c I am very happy with the flips, even better then the pocket diapers in my opinion. :)

  7. Ps- that quote u have above the comment box is so cute, and perfect !


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