Wednesday, August 1, 2012

was this a bad idea?

36 weeks pregnant and having a garage sale?  Hmm... 

I'm waking a lot more at night, and I'm napping again during the day.
I may have spoke too soon in my last blog post.

Pretty sure I'm going to be sore tomorrow from all the boxes I moved and stacked today.
Made the mistake of mentioning that to my Dad who is the person who worries about me the most... then tried to reassure him I'm just fine.
Which I am.

But, the worst is over.
I have everything sitting right next to the garage door so my Dad,
 or brother-in-law can pick it up tomorrow.

We live in the country so to have a better turn out we're going to my parent's house.  
Joel's been working crazy over-time, and we were lucky to have 15 minutes with him today.
So garage sale prep has landed squarely on me.
Yes... poor me! :)~

My sister's joining me, and Joel may or may not help that day... depending on if we want a three-year-old running around us in circles, or screaming how we can't sell this or that.  

He got quite upset today over books... specifically, my collection of The Hunger Games. 

The kid is attached to things.
I told myself I'd be going through this toys today but after a total meltdown I backed away and decided it's something that needs to be done when I have more patience and understanding under my belt to help him part better.

He happily carried the giant frog we bought Joel for Valentines Day proudly back to his room and I accepted defeat. 
We obviously need that frog.

Here's hoping we all survive the weekend.


  1. girl you are way braver than i am...i have yet to attempt to take away any of Henry's toys...actually i take that back..i did is now sitting in his room collecting dust...he couldn't part with it but never uses, good luck and much love.

  2. Preston had a complete meltdown the first time we got rid of some of his. We sat him down and explained that some little kids weren't able to have any toys and would be so happy to have some old toys he didn't play with. Now he does much better and sometimes even offers to give some up... I also just read something on pinterest where a mom had a deal with her kids that they have to donate toys anytime they get new ones(5 old for 5 new), haven't tried that yet but we are going to attempt it after his birthday. I'm sure something will work, maybe he just needs a little time to get used to the idea. Hope this maybe helps!

    1. Thanks Staci! Yea, I really want him to a part of the process of choosing and accepting it humbly... I was in too much of a rush to do it this week, he needs a slower pace and bit more time I think to process it all :) A learning experience for sure! I also need to give him the talk about how someone can use the items we don't anymore, donating, etc.

  3. When I went through the kids toys for the first time I explained to them that there are other little kids with no toys and we needed to be kind and give them the toys they no longer played with. We typically do this every Christmas and to my surprise the kids love doing it. They always say I think the little kids would like this toy oratbe this toy. We then pack it all up in bags and drive into amvets in Urbana, we all get out of the car and hand over the unwanted toys. It makes me so proud seeing them get into it so much...

  4. it is so hard to go through things and get rid of them sometimes.
    loved this post. you ARE brave. in so many ways!! and i hope the sale was a success. i remember loving when my mom would have them every summer.
    she'd always make out so well.
    have a wonderful day!! <3


"Perhaps you will forget tomorrow the kind words you say today, but the recipient may cherish them over a lifetime." -Dale Carnegie

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