Saturday, September 1, 2012

a full moon, a blue moon and our official "due date"

Written Friday Night:

     We're officially 40 weeks!  Nothing too exciting to report though... I've had some braxton hicks on and off, and Thursday I had an unexpected appointment with my midwife.  Jude wasn't moving much and I was a nervous wreck, he is happy and healthy though!  She ended up stripped my membranes, and I'm pretty sure this morning I lost my mucus plug.  And yes it's as gross as it sounds.

     Hoping this weekend is it, but I feel content right now... it wouldn't bother me if he waited until early next week.  Right now we're planning on a few labor day activities with family and I'm looking forward to getting out of the house.  Although I hope the heat holds off... today I was a sweaty mess and for some reason decided to wear grey : \  Ran a few errands with Joel and Jack and got my haircut.

    The house is clean and I'm almost finished with the book my parents got me for my birthday (Emily Giffin's new book) and I'm feel extra bored lately.  I've been taking a lot of walks with Jack... and I'm just happy Joel is off for three days right now.  Just waiting!

Saturday Night Update:

    I wrote the post above and never got around to publishing it on Friday, really wanted to add a photo of the full moon but it was too cloudy.  Today has been- hard.  I had contractions last night that kept waking me up but finally fizzled out after about four hours of torture.  Okay maybe not torture, but I thought I was officially in labor and the pain was enough to wake me each time (around starting at 10 minutes apart).  Such a letdown.  I didn't get much sleep and I've felt the effects all day.

     Two of my pregnant friends had their babies yesterday, and I'd be lying if I didn't say I'm feeling a bit jealous and like I'm going to be pregnant forever, which I know is not possible but it sure does feel that way in my mind.  It's probably the lack of sleep talking, but I was super bummed all day today.  Cried a few times too since Joel goes back to work tomorrow.  What will I do all day? haha... I'm an emotional wreck today.  I need my Joel!  haha... I just feel so much safer and at home when he's around.  I am huge, uncomfortable and I'm ready to get on with the next chapter.  I have another baby appointment/NST Tuesday and that's when we'll talk induction, but let's hope Jude decides to come before then...

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  1. aww olivia, i hope you're feeling better! in fact, i hope you are possibly in labor of holding jude right now. :)
    sending love, thoughts and many prayers for a happy and beautiful week!!


"Perhaps you will forget tomorrow the kind words you say today, but the recipient may cherish them over a lifetime." -Dale Carnegie

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