Monday, September 24, 2012

Meet Jude

     We're closing in on three weeks and I'm already looking at my baby boy wondering where the time has gone.  I finally finished his birth announcement!  And they're on their way to our doorstep (thank God for online shopping!).  I took that photo of him when he was 8 days young, and let me tell you, photographing your own family is hard.  
     It's been pretty hectic around here.  So many things I want to share going on in our life but it's so crazy busy I haven't had the time.  But that's good- life should be that way sometimes... too crazy busy to share, because that means it's full and you're focusing where you should!  We are learning how to balance life with two boys and how to keep a house clean at the same time.  Laundry is never ending, and I'm still trying to figure out when is the right time to start cloth diapering.  

      I've never really had dark circles under my eyes until now, and I've fallen asleep a time or two sitting straight up.  Life feels so full.  Even though I am completely exhausted, life is sweet.  I looked at Joel yesterday (out for our 5 year anniversary) and wondered to myself if these are my "golden years" if in the future I'll long for these days the most.  I'm trying to take it all in, remember all the details.

A few days ago I got a congrats card in the mail and someone wrote how time will move even faster now, and I hate to admit it but reading that made me cry, 
because it is.
September is almost over... and in the past three weeks we have welcomed our son Jude, celebrated Jack's 4th birthday, and celebrated our five year anniversary.  I have a million photos and words to share, and a birth story I need to finish up 
(it's a long, dramatic one at that).  
Lots and lots of posts to come!

And thanks for all the love on my last post :) 
Sorry I have haven't been around much!


  1. He's beautiful! I start cloth diapering once their cord falls off :)

  2. I want to read your long dramatic birth story@!!!

    1. lol, Jennie you crack me up. I will have it finished soon hopefully, I keep adding on each day. And our cloth diapers start at 8lbs, but I read online they really won't fit a newborn until 10ish pounds. Jude is probably really close to 10lbs so we'll probably start this week :)

  3. i've been waiting to see his sweet face, and can't wait to read the wonderful posts to come. congrats and love to you and your three boys, olivia :)

  4. Such a gorgeous boy (and photos). Congratulations on all the wonderful celebrations! Good busy is the best busy. I'm so glad you're taking it all in. I'm looking forward to reading your upcoming posts and birth story. Sending lots of love! Xoxox


"Perhaps you will forget tomorrow the kind words you say today, but the recipient may cherish them over a lifetime." -Dale Carnegie

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