Saturday, January 5, 2013

and so this is Christmas...

Jack & Jude on "Christmas Eve"

We celebrated the night before because of Joel's work schedule.

Milk & cookies we baked for Santa, and carrot slices for the reindeer.

Our Christmas morning came and we celebrated together as a family.

                         Joel & Jude "Christmas Morning"

Joel got home early, and instead of waiting for the boys to wake us up... 
Joel was excited...
together we went to wake up Jack.

sleepy Jack #ignorethemess

Christmas Eve day was our Christmas.

 Wooo a balloon pumper!  The ONLY thing Jack asked for.  It was $3.

Jude's 1st baby ornament!

 Ugh... I really wish I hadn't worn Joel's free gamer shirt (he got it the night he bought Black OPS II) to bed.
 Our beautiful gift this year... Judy Booty!

 Here's some salmon Mom!  (Yes salmon; thanks Ikea!)

A flower balloon in a mason jar from Joel.

After gifts we had orange rolls, sausage and chocolate milk together.

I was so excited this year... so pumped and then it came and it wasn't at all like I had put together in my mind.  

I actually had about 10 paragraphs wrote out before I decided some things are better left unsaid.  

I was reminded that we live in an imperfect world.  Nothing will ever be perfect... 

It's hard doing this alone.

I feel guilty when I don't organize or plan things so it goes smoothly when Joel has that small window of opportunity to be with the people he loves.  

It's hard going to family things alone with two young boys in tow.  It's hard sleeping alone.  It's hard leaving family events with my parents instead of my husband.  

It's even harder when people judge you.


  1. I'm so glad the boys had a wonderful Christmas! I'm so sorry Joel's schedule makes it trying for the holidays. No one should ever judge you! You are a wonderful mother!! Big hugs!
    Still lovin' the red kitchen set!

  2. adam was put on third shift two months after luca was born and remained there until two months before adele turned one. my sympathy for you- for the sleeping alone. the being alone. doing the routine and "family" things alone- is real. some nights were simply heartbreaking and other days were empowering when i realized that i could be a "single mom" when i needed to be. my thoughts and prayers are with you and your boys. you're a great mom, olivia- know that :)

  3. ps, if you ever need a break or want to hang time, i'm always around! and i just found a great recipe for an iced coffee drink... :)

    1. I might take you up on that iced coffee :)
      Thanks Allison. For sharing, your positive words and just understanding.

  4. I hated when.anthony was on third.... he slept all day... i wad.scared.and couldnt sleep at.night. when.he got.home in.the.morning i missed all i was.wake.him.up nc he would sleep ALL day and.i had not.much help with aubrey... it was horribly.hard... now.that i work.third.shift i understand how sleepy.he was and.give.him credit well bc ive been.on.third for 3 it is the hardest thing ever.... remember maybe it and when.he says he is worn.down.he probably really is.... i gave Anthony such a.hard.time about all.his.sleeping.but now i.cant.hardly stay.awake sometimes and.have beed.sick bad 4 diff.times just while.working.third..... just rem he love u three with.all his heart and third is and even tho situations.can be.difficult he is we fought.the.entire time.he.was on.third until shoes and see how.hard it is was on.him.too <3 hugs :) xoxo

    1. Thanks Morgan. And you're right, I know 3rd shift a completely different thing... he sleeps a lot, but I know he needs it. I don't want him worn down like you said or getting sick. His 3 days off are Heaven!


"Perhaps you will forget tomorrow the kind words you say today, but the recipient may cherish them over a lifetime." -Dale Carnegie

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