Saturday, March 2, 2013

Cloth Diaper Update

We're six months in!

We still cloth diapering (yay) but we're also using disposables at night (boo). 

Things don't always go according to plan, but I've come to learn... it doesn't have to be all or nothing.

We're still saving a lot of money and we're still being green. 

We're using disposables at night because of leaking problems we were having, but I feel like once we start more solid foods (Jude just started accepting rice cereal and stage 1 foods) then that problem will go away because he won't be drinking all of his calories. 

When I put 2 stay dry inserts in his shell, it helped... and it was fool proof with a hemp doubler under that, but I only own 3 of them and we could easily use all of them in one night. 

So, I took the easy route and bought disposables... but writing that out sounds a bit silly because the amount of hemp doublers we need could have easily been bought by what I spent on disposables for nighttime in one month.  So once they're gone, I'll be buying more hemp I just decided. 

It's a learning process.  

We also switched detergent.

I originally made my own, but after going through ammonia stink and burn... and reading lots of suggestions I took the tide original (liquid) and calgon (a liquid water softener that goes in your load of laundry) approach and never looked back.  I blame our hard(ish) water.  I bleach once a month and we haven't had any other issues... and we're almost 6 months in.  

His diapers also come out super bright white, no stains at all. 

Stripping.  The dreaded idea of stripping, it wasn't so scary... it's what you have to do to get your diapers back to square one and get rid of build up or anything that might be causing them not to perform as they should.  I did this after our ammonia problem and that was the one and only time.  It worked wonders by the way. 

How I stripped
1 tbsp blue dawn dish-soap and 1 cupful calgon
I turned our water heater up all the way, locked the bathroom doors (so Jack wouldn't accidentally burn himself) and waited almost 4+ hours then started the wash leaving the lid open so the load would soak for several hours (if not overnight, I can't remember).  

I just know I left the house after running the load and when I returned almost 4 hours later... the water was still hot!  

Then I ran the washer again with just water.  Then I ran the rinse cycle only until I didn't see anymore bubbles... I think I ran it a total of 1 wash and 3 rinses. 

I also bought two Planet Wise pail liners in avocado and baby blue and a tall white trash can and removed the lid for storage for dirty diapers.  

An open pail is actually less stinky.

Imagine a gross gym bag with sweaty clothes inside, if you unzip and let air get to it... it won't stink so bad, leave it zipped and in a dark place and it's extra gross.

The quality of the liners is amazing, I wash them right along with the dirty diapers every other day and no signs of wear.  They are great.

We originally decided on cloth wipes, damp, in a wipe warmer.

It didn't work for us, they started to smell musty and I just didn't feel like they were cleaning Jude good enough.

I also didn't care for rolling them individually and putting them in the warmer every other day.  So we went with a dry/spray bottle routine.

We keep the wipes dry in a pile and I make my own wipe solution that I spray on the wipe right before use.

Wipe Solution Recipe
8 oz hot water
1tbsp baby oil
1tsbp baby wash

Joel & Family

Joel is still on board.  The idea of saving money is still a favorite of his and he doesn't do the wash so the only thing he has to do that he hates is the occasional spraying of the poop in the toilet.  I'm still shocked he was so on board from the beginning.

Grandmas & Aunts use the cloth and have no issues.  My mother-in-law is so so supportive, she even tried to talk her friend into talking her daughter into cloth, ha!  We are a lot alike with our money saving, Eco-friendly, thrifty ways.  Or Joel as Joel would say, "hippies."

So that's it!  Any questions? :)

Anyone else on the cloth diaper route?  I can't believe how many people HERE (in the middle of Ohio) who are so open minded and taking on this new trend.  I have four friends who I know personally who cloth diaper.

I even went to a local organics store and saw some diapers for sale... granted the lady behind the counter didn't know what they were or how to use them, but they were there!

And since we're on the topic of re-usable and Eco-friendly- I'll be having a Diva Cup review posted soon!  Aren't you so excited?  I am! haha


  1. 6 months already, wow! Glad CDing is working out for you guys! We're on a break right now b/c our washing machine broke, hope to be back to it soon :).

    1. Ahh we are right with you, our washer is about to poop out on us. Hope you get another up and running soon!

  2. i really admire that you're cloth diapering! sounds like you have an awesome system!
    and i can't wait for the diva cup review! :)

    1. You know me, so not a prude, lol! Can't wait to share the Diva experience.

  3. Ahhhh we are facing the dreaded ammonia stink and burn right now. We also have hard water....right when I saw this post I went out and got some calgon!! I am bleaching them right now and then going to try the dawn and calgon... How often do you use the calgon? Thank u!!!! :) Oh and are you still loving the Flips??! -Ashley

    1. I use calgon in EVERY wash with detergent. I actually ran out and haven't got any yet and the last two loads I can tell a difference. Getting some tomorrow again for sure. It lasts awhile since I only use it for diaper laundry and it's pretty inexpensive. Hope it helps! Let me know :)

    2. Oh and we're still using all Flips, I do love them! A few seam on two diapers did come apart though... there are no holes but it still makes me worry they are getting worn and a hole will develop so I plan to call cottonbabies soon about the warranty and see what they have to say.

    3. Thanks, Olivia! No more stinky inserts!! She wore them today for the first time since bleaching, the dawn and calgon routine :) I am going to add the calgon every time, and bleach them once a month or so, and hope that keeps the ammonia sting at bay. We do only Flips as well, and disposabls at night bc of leaking too. Nothing else seems to work but that, so hey I'll take it! Lol. ps- love your blog. Thank you!


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