Wednesday, March 6, 2013

someone is 6 months old

Dada & Jude

Dear Jude, 

Such a sweet baby who loves to cuddle.  You sit up with assistance and have been a bit stubborn when it comes to baby food.  

Your first bite of real food was a reeses ice-cream bar.  I know I'm horrible, but I know your Grandma Dorothy and if I didn't do it she would have. 

Anyways, It was just a small nibble.   

I tried organic bananas when the time was right but you didn't like them.  I went back to square one with organic whole grain rice cereal and then organic pears... both you were not exactly fond of.  

Jack ate all your jars of bananas for you. 

Your Dada is currently holding you in the other room saying, "You are so handsome.  You are so cuddly... you are so smiley, why are you so smiley?  Those legs are getting stronger, yea they are.  Aww he's a big kid, you know that!  Ohhh Daddy's gotta poop!"

If he only knew I was typing as he spoke. haha!  

Oh my God he cracks me up. 

Your six month shots are tomorrow and I'm pretty sad about it.  I mean I'm happy they have vaccines but I'm not happy to see you cry. 

You giggle sometimes.  You are quite the tough crowd though, only Daddy, Jack and I can make you laugh. Usually through scaring you.  Yep, you love to be scared.  

I rock you to sleep a lot and you always smile at me from across the room. 

You really like peek-a-boo and you're also teething.  Jack is always getting a frozen teether for you, and  sometimes I put an amber necklace on you when you're awake. 

You're around me so much that I haven't really noticed the stranger anxiety until we visited Grandma Dorothy last week.  You cried so hard until she handed you back.  

You got use to her though and eventually let her hold you.  Joel calls it "stranger danger"... and although it scares you, it makes me happy that you know I'm your Mama and you belong in my arms.

I'm getting a tattoo in honor of you soon.  Haven't decided where exactly, but it's coming... it will be your name.  My sweet Jude.   

Your hair is turning pretty blond.  And it's getting curly.  You have bed head a lot. 

Daddy thinks you're going to have my hazel eyes, I hope so. 

Jack and I have been teaching you sign language.  We're working on: Mama, Dada, Brother, Milk, Eat and Fan.  

Fan is the "fun" sign that they suggest to mix into the learning.  Random I know... you'll pick them up within time. 

You're growing like a weed... time is so precious. 

                                                                                      Love you sweetpea,

Us sleeping
Photo by Daddy


  1. happy six months to jude! he has the sweetest little face! those photos are just beautiful! you had me cracking up at "daddy has to poop" - i love it. so something steve (or i) would say. lol.
    your love for your boys is incredible.

    p.s. - so cute that jude has the blue seahorse. :) i liked the blue better than the pink one, even though when my mom bought it we didn't know the gender yet.

    have a wonderful day, olivia. <3<3<3

    1. <3 Thanks Maria :)

      Hope you're having a wonderful day too! Can't believe it's MARCH!


"Perhaps you will forget tomorrow the kind words you say today, but the recipient may cherish them over a lifetime." -Dale Carnegie

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