Tuesday, April 16, 2013

look for the helpers

"We've all got meanness in us...
 but we have goodness too. 
And the only thing worth living for is the good."
-Billie Letts

    Yesterday with my lack of social media at my fingertips I didn't hear what had happened in Boston until my mother-in-law told us around nine last night.   

I watched muted images on her screen and longed to be home so I could read and look at the images and feel connected to what happened to my country.  But after baths and putting my babies to bed, Joel asked me to lay with him and he snuggled me close and told me to stay with him.  So I did.  I held onto what I have and I fell asleep in his arms. 

And today, after I made breakfast... I sat down to look at emails and read about what happened.  

Slow tears ran down my cheeks as I watched the "helpers" and read story after story of people who didn't run from the explosion but to the area to help those who were injured. 

I read how a man carried a child with no legs five blocks to an ambulance. 

And through all the hate that made this pain and hurt happen, I saw love and care from strangers... I saw more love than hate, and that's the first time I can say my heart was moved by the people than the hate behind the act itself.

My heart, thoughts and prayers go out to all those hurting because of yesterday.  You are not alone. 

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  1. You have a way with words and a way of always making me think. Thank you.
    I also didn't hear about it until later that night...so heartbreaking.

    Sending lots of love xoxox


"Perhaps you will forget tomorrow the kind words you say today, but the recipient may cherish them over a lifetime." -Dale Carnegie

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