Friday, August 16, 2013

cloth diaper update

Right now things are going pretty smoothly.  I wash every other day, and we stopped disposables at night.

Our nighttime and nap solution is to use three inserts, and a hemp doubler under that.

I'm really happy I bought all FLIP diapers, they're great and I rarely have a leak since I double up during the day.  That might sound like a lot of fluff, but since FLIPS are so trim it's not a big deal.  

I've found during our cloth journey that the diaper I got for free with our order, the elite fuzzibunz is not good for us.  It leaks almost every time.  I only use it if I'm running low.  This diaper costs more than a FLIPS. 

I also got a diaper as a gift from a cloth diapering friend.  I believe it's an ALVA baby diaper, and it also leaks on us now.  

I'm not using cloth wipes right now, except when I run out of regular wipes.  It's not as hard to separate the wipe and diaper as I had originally thought. 

The sprayer is being used more often as Jude is eating more solids, and since we have hard water I noticed the power of the spray was being limited, so I dipped it in CLR and it cleared right up. 

My only complaint is, it seems whenever I do wash since I'm using more inserts at once... I'm down to 3 diapers while I do wash.  Just makes me a bit nervous.  We're not against buying diapers if we need to, we have when I was behind on wash and it's nice to use disposables while out and about.  But, if we double up, and add a hemp insert... we're good to go. 

As for my Planet Wise pail liners, they're holding up great, my on the go wet-bags however have taken a beating.  The ALVA baby wetbags I got as a gift have both broke around the zipper but the Planet Wise has held up well... despite me bleaching the cute owls on the outside (do not bleach your wet bags!)  I also have the large bag, which holds everything nicely, the ALVA's were a bit small. 

Oh and one more thing, FLIPS has a bunch of new adorable colors!  Boo... I would buy them if we needed more, but we don't.  They're super cute. 

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