Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Joel and I have been facebook and cellphone free for quite awhile now.  It was liberating, and it was isolating.

I liked being disconnected.  I'm somewhat of an introvert (but I can put on a mean extrovert suit when feeling up for it) so it made being a hermie that much easier.  

But today, while I sat through Jack's preschool orientation, and yesterday's soccer orientation, I realized that I'm shutting a lot of people out.  I'm limiting the ways people can reach me.

The thought of Jack being in someone else's care and limiting their resources to contact me- upsets me. 

And the older he gets, the more I'm going to lean on technology to calm my fears and keep us connected.

Why am I fighting this?

I started a new facebook account.  A fresh start with a new perspective.  

Facebook is for fun, not to be taken so seriously.  I need to realize that people sharing their problems on the world wide web is not my responsibility to fix.  Crazies?  Ignore!

It's like having this giant family and while getting together can cause a bit of drama, in the end it's totally worth it.

I think we're coming back to the twentieth century. 



  1. I'm impressed you kept yourself cell phone free for so long! I get it. Completely. I used to let my phone die on the regular because it was so liberating.

    Remember that technology is there for *your* convenience. You don't have to answer a phone call if you're not up to it or if you're having some you-time. And you're right, Facebook is fun! In moderation ;)

  2. So true.

    We have a home phone (what's that? lol) and a cell in the car for emergencies only. I think we might get a better cell for the car and call it a day :)

  3. my friend and i were JUST talking about how facebook can be so crazy and full of shouldn't be like that. i mean, some of the stuff i see on there - wow - it's like a trainwreck...and hard to look away. but wow!
    i love your posts.
    it was great catching up! xoxoxox


"Perhaps you will forget tomorrow the kind words you say today, but the recipient may cherish them over a lifetime." -Dale Carnegie

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