Monday, November 25, 2013

Meal Planning Monday

Last week was a start, but it wasn't my best.

I made a huge batch of crock-pot vegetable soup, but it wasn't so good.  I figured out I'm not a fan of pinto beans.  I made the tuna sandwiches for lunch but that's as far as my cooking skills went last week.  We ate out several nights, and we had my family's Thanksgiving as well.

Something I also realized- I'm not in the mood to cook in less the kitchen is sparkling clean.
So my goal this week is to keep the kitchen spotless and let it be the heart of the home.

So this week looks pretty similar to last. ha!

Chicken Pot Pie x 2 (freeze one)
Healthy Tuna Salad
Grilled Salmon w/mango salsa and quinto (x2)
Pineapple BBQ Chicken, asparagus & salad
Mexican Burritos

For Joel's family's Thanksgiving I decided on shrimp cocktail, my Dad's famous cheesecake and Paula Dean's corn casserole (which I'm doubling because a lot of reviewers said it comes out thin.)

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