Monday, January 6, 2014

Meal Planning Monday

Getting back into the routine of meal planning.

One of my goals is to have our home be a haven, and for me that means the heart of the house is the kitchen.  I keep it super clean and I spend half the day in there doing dishes and cooking for our family.

It's how I keep us healthy and how I save us money.
It's also the classroom where I teach Jack how to cook.
 You're welcome future daughter-in-law. 

I plan meals for a week or two and then buy all the ingredients in one big trip.  Lately, a weekly schedule has been most effective.

I take Jack with me and I try to get him involved as much as possible.  I tell him what we need and point to it and he'll put it in the cart, and we may or may not have ended up with two large all natural jars of peanut butter this last time around.

This keeps him engaged and hopefully able to navigate the store better when he's an adult.  (I remember when I first moved out, I had no idea there were so many brands of the same things.  I was completely overwhelmed!)

-egg white veggie omelets w/fruit, coffee & milk
-eggs for the boys w/cheese, fruit & occasionally bagels & cereal
(I'm kind of strict on the type of cereal)

-Lite Tuna Salad (batch will make enough for a couple days)
-Lean Cuisine
-Salad w/nuts
-Grilled Cheese/ other sandwiches & veggies

-Chicken Pot Pie- (I'm making five total so I can freeze three and give one away to family member who just had a baby.  They freeze well so it's my go to meal when we don't feel like cooking.  This is one of the best pieces of advice, always have backup freezer meals, you will get tired, you will get busy... this will help keep your budget and healthy eating on track.)
-BBQ chicken breasts, asparagus and corn
-Tacos w/ lots of veggies
-Whole Wheat Spaghetti w/ meatballs & salad

-fruit (our favorites are grapes, frozen grapes and bananas)
-mixed nuts
-dark chocolate
-veggies & dip (for a quick and cheap dip, mix one ranch packet with a tub of sour cream, the standard size)

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