Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Becoming a better listener.

I sat across from my new friend sipping ginger tea in her kitchen.

Her words came out slowly and sometimes almost in a whisper, and I felt my shoulders relax.  I took a deep breath, and somehow her peaceful energy that she let off changed the whole energy in the room.

I didn't know it at the time, but she's a much better listener than I am.

Fast forward a week.

I pulled an old book I use to love off the shelf and put in our bathroom.  Anything I want to read occasionally or I'd like Joel to pick up- I put in the bathroom.

Today I read the two page section called "Become a Better Listener."  And although I know I've read it before, I didn't see the truth in it like I do today.

"In some ways, the way we fail to listen is symbolic of the way we live.  We often treat communication
as if it were a race.  It's almost like our goal is to have no time gaps between the conclusion of the sentence of the person we are speaking with and the beginning of our own." -Richard Carlson, Ph. D.

I'm an introvert, and talking to a new friend can be very draining, but not with her.  She was slow and thoughtful with her words, something I admired and appreciated.  I noticed how it made our conversation deeper in moments and pressure-free.

"Slowing down your responses and becoming a better listener aids you in becoming a more peaceful person.  It takes pressure off of you.  If you think about it, you'll notice that it takes en enormous amount of energy and is very stressful to be sitting at the edge of your seat trying to guess what the person in front of you (or on the telephone) is going to say so that you can fire back your response.  But as you wait for the people you are communicating with to finish, as you simply listen more intently to what is being said, you'll notice that the pressure you feel is off.  You'll immediately feel more relaxed, and so will the people you are talking to." -Richard Carlson, Ph. D.

So glad I stumbled onto those two pages :)
Are you a good listener?

Thursday, March 20, 2014

1st Day of Spring

When I think of today I seeing myself at dusk chasing Jack to the creek.  I couldn't help but laugh the entire time, with him laughing too.  It's like one of those moments in a movie where everything slows down and you're chasing a giggling child through a field and everything else is blurry.

We were playing tag and I was it.  I couldn't catch him and I was running as fast as I could.

After we caught our breath, we looked up at the sky.  The stars were just staring to come out and we counted them.

Before tag we were clearing our land of any trash that had blown in over the winter.  Since the snow has melted we've found quite a bit of stuff.

Later we laid in the grass and I pointed out bird nests in the trees.  Since there are no leaves they're much easier to find.  Soon the woods will be thick again.

We're excited Spring is here.  Our avocado trees have sprouted roots and I've been saving all of our paper egg cartons over the winter.  Soon we'll be able to start our seeds.

Oh, I almost forgot, Jude woke up half naked today.  Ha!  I went in his room to see if he was awake because I hadn't heard anything yet and it was almost 9-am.  His room was cozy with an electric heater blowing on his dresser, and when I looked over the rails, I saw his tiny baby bum.

He is so sweet.  I left him there to sleep, and he didn't wake for another hour.

Monday, March 10, 2014

our life lately

I prefer my blog to be raw and honest and transparent, so that's where I'll begin.

Right now I'm boiling my diva cup and drinking ice water from a large water-bottle.

Our household is on the mend after a virus has swept through this weekend, causing havoc and causing me to call off (a newborn session) for the first time since I can remember when.

Lots of veggies, snuggles, warm blankets, water and the occasional tylenol for a fever that is more than uncomfortable.  The boys have already kicked the bug with their young immune systems that went into overdrive.

As we wait for Spring I've been stocking up on my reading lists for the year.  I've been digging deep into homeschooling and we have decided to get our feet wet.

Tomorrow is our first homeschool gym session at the local Y.  Jack will get to swim for an hour with other homeschoolers his age and then spend an hour in the gym with them.  I've even buying a book off one of the other Mothers I've met online in the co-op.

I hope it is a good fit for us.  I'll give it several shots.  Sometimes the path is right when the timing is not.  While I believe first impressions are important, I think follow up impressions can be just as powerful.

Today I'm finalizing our list on Amazon for our curriculum for the Spring/Summer.  I'm excited to share it soon with you all.

Jack is still in preschool, so next fall he will be prepared if we decide public schooling is best.  Right now he goes twice a week for 3 hours, and he loves it.  His teachers are amazing and we feel right at home there.  He even has his eye on a girl, ha!  And he begs me stop if I mention her.

We've talked to him about homeschooling, his thoughts are... "If I get to swim then I'm all in!"  He's very excited about the homeschooling program that our Y hosts weekly for the school year.

As for the rest of the family, we are doing well.

We're cooking more at home and spending more quality time together.  We've been talking about family projects when the weather gets nice and we've been talking more about faith.

We hope to travel later this year and save up for a used Jeep.  We want a fun vehicle we can drive at night and see the stars!  We also need a 4-wheel drive for the winter months here in Ohio, a lesson we learned the hard way.

My business is booming and the pace is exactly where I'd like it to be.  Word of mouth referrals are the best.  We are all interconnected and it's a beautiful thing.  Google search doesn't hurt either ;)

We are blessed.
As I sit here with diarrhea, lol.
We are blessed.

Monday, March 3, 2014

quiet time

It feels like I'm going through a quiet period on my blog here.

I've been diving deep into subjects like homeschooling, slow food, organic eating and changing our values as a family.

We're saving more and spending less.  We're more intentional and it feels good.  It feels right.

More time together as a family, more time as a couple and reaching out to those who are family and friends.  Sharing memories and saying goodbye to people we love.  Going through all the stages of life and watching new souls enter too.

My job has been a whirlwind of maternity and newborn sessions, it is the season right now and I love it.  Summer will slowly turn my work towards weddings and they make me just as happy and present.

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