"The more I see the less I know." 
-Michael Franti &  Spearhead

Why the name?  Because the more I see in life, the more I realize how ignorant and blind I was to the world.  Never stop learning, never stop asking questions and never stop trying to understand and accept new things.  Get comfortable not knowing.  There will never come a day where you know it all.  Questions keep us interested, keep us connected.  

This is where I share what I'm learning with the world.

I love words just as much as I love photographs.

Who am I?
I guess if you were to ask my family and friends they would tell you I laugh a lot and that I have a really loud, contagious laugh.  They would tell you that I am the hippie of the family.  I cloth diaper, believe in all paths to God, mediate, homeschool and refuse to fire a gun (my husband is an avid gun enthusiast and firearms instructor).  I'm a bookworm, professional dish washer, a cheap date and I'm quick to forgive.  I have a huge passion for acceptance and tolerance.  I enjoy the farmer's market and swimming.  I have the travel bug and I'm even one of those people who would love to live in an ashram in India for a month if given the chance.  I'm a small local business owner and I'm super thrifty.  I love positive people and I strive to be one too.  I'm learning my way around the kitchen and I have finally grown a green thumb.  I'm a total sucker for foreign films with subtitles, sushi, a good documentary and Mexican food.

Meet the family.
I married my best friend, Joel, a little over seven years ago and together we have two beautiful boys; Jack (6) & Jude (2).

"Mommy" is by far the best title I've ever had :)

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